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Hector Carbonell, DVM and Niko Carbonell


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In 1992, East Plano Animal Hospital was established in the most progressive and affluent town in fast developing North Dallas. Plano has been voted the best place to live in America several times in the following years. Meanwhile, the hospital and its dedicated staff offered cutting-edge medical services in the most compassionate environment. It quickly grew into the most modern and rapidly growing veterinary facility in their side of town. By the turn of the century, it has received Best Pet Care awards four times from such prestigious sources as the Dallas Morning News and Plano Star Courier. Their chief of staff, Dr. Hector Carbonell, was even nominated nationally for Best Veterinarian. He also received commendations from clients through the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.


But something was missing. EPAH, great as it may seem, was still a tenant as it hit its 20th year anniversary. It was not for lack of foresight. It was not for lack of trying. Operating a business based on compassion and delivering the highest quality service has its limitations. Cash flow suffered.


And so by 2014, the same group of people whose pets were beneficiaries of excellent and benevolent care, banded together to bring the practice to the next level. Dr. Carbonell (or Dr. C as he was affectionately called) could not have done it on his own. These group of kind-hearted individuals were composed of a neighbor, a high-school friend, another veterinarian, and some clients. The local vet was even supposed to be a competitor but he never acted that way. He wanted to see “underdogs” succeed. It also worked wonders both ways because when the time came, they managed to merge the two practices together and everyone lived happily ever after!


Call us now at 469-450-2833 to find out how you can be part of a wonderful growth opportunity in this exciting market of North Dallas.

And so three miles away from the original leasehold, East Plano Murphy Pet Hospital was born. The old cocoon was shed and a glorious new butterfly emerged. Phase One of what would become Upscale Holdings Inc. was complete in Murphy. Phase Two involved the rapid acquisition of raw land geared for development in Wylie and Farmersville. The distressed situations involving these properties made the sellers motivated. The sales were rapid and prices were well below market value.


That was at a time before this market got too hot. We were at the right place at the right time. It was a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers. We got what we wanted to fulfill our vision of future expansion and the sellers got cash really quick to ease their situations. The land in Wylie along busy Highway 78 has gained in value by more than $100,000 just with the free-look contract period of less than 90 days. It was very tempting to flip it and make a quick profit but we had to remain true to our long term strategy of buying and holding. By now, Farmerville has almost doubled in value in just two years.


Call us now to learn more about Phase Three. You can reach Dr. C directly at 469-450-2833. If you prefer, he would even return your call after regular business hours. Facility tours and face to face meetings after 5 PM at our Murphy flagship location can be also be arranged.

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